Charter of Dallas Buddies

We, the members of the Dallas Buddies Club, wish to declare and affirm by the presentation of this document, that our intent and purpose in forming this club is:
  • To be a gay/lesbian organization that gives assistance (not necessarily financial) to our club brothers and sisters when we are asked and we are present to render such aid.

  • To be a club for those who have scant financial means and who do not identify with any one particular lifestyle or habitude, yet wish to be a member of a positive and dynamic club.

  • To be a club that promotes goodwill with all other clubs, wherever these may be, and never to be devisive or petty in our dealings with other clubs.

  • To never discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religious beliefs, political leanings, sexual habitude, handicap, or financial status.

  • And finally, we wish ours to be the hands that reach out in service to those in need of our assistance or support.

These precepts we do affirm and ratify in the presence of our club brothers, sister and other witnesses in this place,
The Hidden Door of Dallas, Texas on this the 17th of February, 1990.